Short-term residence

Short-term residence is residence in the Czech Republic (or another Schengen State) for a maximum of 90 days within each period of 180 days. The period of residence is calculated from the first day of entering the Schengen Area and is totalled for all Schengen States.

Citizens of selected third countries may stay in the Czech Republic on a short-term basis visa-free. Citizens of other third countries must have a visa in order to stay in the Czech Republic over the short-term.


Citizens of states without visa requirements may stay in the Czech Republic over the short-term even without holding a visa.

However, exemption from visa requirements does not apply to stays for the purpose of working. Citizens of third countries residing in the Czech Republic visa-free are not allowed to use short-term residence to carry out gainful activity, for example seasonal employment. They must arrange a short-term visa for employment for this purpose.

Visa requirement

Citizens of states with a visa requirement need a visa even for a short-term stay in the Czech Republic. Citizens of states without a visa requirement who want to use a short-term stay for employment purposes are also obliged to arrange a short-term visa.

A short-term visa generally cannot be extended. The extension of a short-term visa is only possible in extraordinary cases, for example on humanitarian grounds or if the person concerned is hospitalised.