Permanent residence for EU citizens

Permanent residence is intended for:

  • EU citizens and their family members who have resided in the Czech Republic for an uninterrupted period of a minimum of 5 years;
  • foreign nationals who have resided in the Czech Republic for a period of 2 years and who are at the same time family members of an EU citizen having permanent residence in the Czech Republic (the family relationship must have lasted longer than 1 year).

In exceptional cases, permanent residence may be awarded in the case that a foreign national has not resided in the Czech Republic for the required length of time. Such permanent residence is permanent residence:

  • in the interest of the Czech Republic;
  • on humanitarian grounds or on grounds worthy of special consideration;
  • on other grounds laid down in the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals.

Permanent residence permit

If you are an EU citizen, you will be issued with certificate of permitted residence in the country after a positive evaluation of your application and you will at the same time be issued with permanent residence permit (a separate document bearing your photograph). The permanent residence card is valid for 10 years and can thereafter be extended.

After a decision has been taken to award a permanent residence permit, you will also automatically be enrolled in the register of general health insurance policyholders, in that certain rights and obligations that arise from the Act on General Public Health Insurance are associated with this.

The status of a long-term EC resident

If you are a family member of an EU citizen – a non-EU citizen – who has resided in the Czech Republic for an uninterrupted period of 5 years, you may be awarded the legal status of long-term resident in the European Community in the Czech Republic. The status of “residence permit for a long-term resident – EC” will then be recorded in your residence permit card. You will also be issued with a biometric card on recognising the legal status of a resident in addition to the permanent residence card.

Long-term resident in the European Community enjoy greater rights than other third-country citizens.