Long-term residence

Long-term residence is intended for citizens of non-EU countries who wish to reside in the Czech Republic for the same purpose after the expiry of a long-term visa.

In general, a long-term residence permit can be obtained when the following conditions are met:

  • you have been staying in the country on a visa for longer than 90 days (long-term visa);
  • you plan to temporarily reside in the country for longer than 1 year;
  • the purpose of residence remains the same.

Long-term residence can also be obtained in some other cases laid down by law. You will be issued with a residence card once your application has been favourably processed.

One of the conditions of obtaining long-term residence in the Czech Republic is a legitimate purpose for residing in the country. A long-term residence permit may be issued for the following purposes:

  • studying;
  • scientific research;
  • undertaking a business;
  • starting a family;
  • investment.

Failure to satisfy one of these purposes of residence might lead to revocation of a long-term residence permit, rejection of an extension to long-term residence or rejection of permanent residence.

The period of validity of a long-term residence permit may be repeatedly extended, in particular depending on the purpose or on other conditions laid down by law.

In general you can apply for a permit or an extension to the period of validity of long-term residence in the country not earlier than 120 days before the expiration of the validity of a long-term visa or existing long-term residence permit and not later than on the final day of the validity of the visa or residence permit.

If you plan to reside in the country for a different purpose than the one for which you were awarded a permit, you will have to apply for a change to the purpose of long-term residence.