About us

We are a centre that provides services to foreign nationals who want to reside or already reside in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to help you make sure that your stay in the Czech Republic is problem-free. It doesn’t matter whether you want to reside in the Czech Republic on a short-term basis or to live there over the long-term.

We will take care of everything you need in terms of residing in the Czech Republic. From arranging a short-term or long-term residence permit, through dealing with routine and unexpected situations during your stay, to extending or ending your residence.

We will arrange all documents that you need to reside in residence permits on your behalf. We will also take you through the administration process and represent you when you communicate with authorities. And when you are required to be present in person, we will provide you with personal assistance or detailed instructions.

We will also help you deal with matters relating to accommodation, studies, employment or your own business.

We are also available to you throughout your stay in the Czech Republic, in that you can contact us with any everyday situation you find yourself at any time. Assistance in non-standard situations is also a matter of course, for example when you lose your residence papers or passport.

Our services are available to all clients from the EU and from outside the EU, to people that want to begin doing business or want to become employed in the Czech Republic, to companies that want to deal with residence issues for their foreign employees, to students and to tourists.

Why choose


We base our work on 4 fundamental values that we adhere to rigidly:


We focus on what you need

We always try to suit your individual needs and requirements. If you feel that the standard range of services that we offer is not enough for you, we will look for a resolution that is tailor-made to your situation.


We are fast

We stick to deadlines and do everything in our power to respond to your requirements and deal with them as quickly as possible.


We are flexible

We enjoy our work, like trying unconventional approaches and are forever taking in new information and expanding our knowledge. We are therefore able to respond to changes to legislation and official procedures.


We approach you with empathy

We take a friendly approach to our clients and try to become a permanent partner to them, a partner to whom they can turn with all problems involving the residence of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic.