Czech Visa Services

Your most important contact for residence in the Czech Republic

We successfully help foreign nationals obtain residence permits or work permits and deal with other matters to concern their stay in the Czech Republic.

Transfer your worries to us

It is irrelevant whether you are a company or an individual, an EU citizen or a citizen of a third country, a student or a manager, whether you plan to spend one month in the Czech Republic or several years, whether you want to do business here or simply visit your friends – we will always help you arrange all permits and other matters relating to your stay in the Czech Republic as quickly as possible.

Why use the help of specialists?

It is generally very demanding to obtain a residence permit for the Czech Republic on your own. Here are 6 reasons to take advantage of our help:

You will increase the likelihood of success

A considerable percentage of the applications that foreign nationals submit themselves are rejected. Our experience means that rejection can often be avoided. If you are rejected, however, we will endeavour to reverse the decision with an appeal.

You will avoid making the wrong moves

Obtaining a residence permit for the Czech Republic requires that all conditions be met. Moreover, particular authorities have particular requirements that you cannot find in legal regulations. With us you can be sure that all administrative and formal requirements associated with handling your application will be met.

You will save time and avoid stress

Going through the bureaucratic process of obtaining a residence permit is demanding on time and exhausting. If you entrust us with the process, we will deal with it as quickly as is possible. You will save yourself a whole lot of nerves and have the space to fully devote yourself to your interests, work or business.

You will have an important contact

It can be difficult to find your way around the new and unknown environment of a foreign country, and without knowing the language or having any contacts.  We can become your key contact and you can turn to us in any situation and with any problem.

The guarantee of expertise

We cooperate closely with other professionals, for example lawyers that deal with the legal side of complicated cases on our behalf, estate agents, financial advisors, loan and bank staff, meaning that we are able to intermediate everything that you will require for your stay in the Czech Republic.

You won’t need to worry about deadlines

It can be problematic sticking to all the deadlines relating to your stay in the Czech Republic, for example those involved in extending a visa. Not only will we help you extend your visa, we will keep an eye on all time limits and inform you in plenty of time that they are coming to an end.

Let us give you a helping hand